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Normal to dry hair or color treated hair care is important when you are trying to keep a healthy looking hair.  That is why we recommend organic, natural or eco-friendly hair care products, styling tools and scalp treatments. Put the moisture back into dry hair!  Special hair care products will make an end of overly oily hair.  Browse through curated selection of hair oil, treatments, masks, conditioners, and cleansers to pamper your dry, oily or beautiful locks.


If you have a drier, coiled curls and brittle hair, we recommend the hair care products below.  Typically people with extremely curly hair have problems with drier hair because the oils are not evenly distributed along the length of the hair fiber because of its coiled shape curls. As a result, the hair fiber is typically very dry.  Consequently, people with coiled curly hair are likely to need hair oils to supplement their natural oil production and help keep the hair fiber flexible. In addition, tight spiral hair is difficult to brush and comb. Using oils helps reduce the friction and static from combing and make the hair more manageable. African Americans often find they need to use specially formulated oils and shampoos compared to straight-haired people.